This Thing Called Speed Dating

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I have heard so much about speed dating. As a matter of fact, a lot of my friends have tried it already. But a lot of folks out there are still not too convinced about it. So I want to share some bits and pieces about it.

What Is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is really an interesting way of meeting potential partners. In just a matter of minutes, I’m face-to-face with so many dates. It’s totally amazing. I never thought match making could be so fast and exciting.

Speed dating puts together people searching for their right match. The 8minute Dating featured on gives us a good look into this latest trend of meeting potential life partners. Interestingly, it’s a kind of date that keeps people staring at the clocks and I mean that literally.

“Thirty-five young professionals gather at a Virginia bar, hoping to meet their match in a flash.”

They are all given just eight minutes to converse with the person sitting in front of them.

“The musical-chair style dating game begins.”

When their eight minutes is up, they get up and meet the other participants. It’s a fast-paced soiree that gets everybody up on their feet.

Kinds Of Speed Dating Events

Speed dating varies in the length of time the participants are allowed to meet and talk to each other. As mentioned earlier, there is the 8minute Dating which allots eight minutes for the participants to share their thoughts. Amazingly, there is also a speed dating that allots just four minutes.

It’s, definitely, match making in a flash.

Is Four Or Eight Minutes Really Enough?

But is four or eight minutes enough to find the right match? Here’s what a 29-year old participant has to say about it.

“If you think you’re gonna meet the person of you dreams then I wouldn’t suggest this to you. But if you’re just here to meet people, I think it’s one of the best ways to do it.”

This fast-paced dating style allows us to meet all kinds of people. That said, we get to meet and talk to folks we don’t even like. Speed dating organizer, Joy Roque, justifies the short length of time allotted for this kind of dating.

“That’s why eight minutes is great, If it didn’t work out, then you know, you have eight minutes and you move on.”

The Benefits Of Speed Dating

Surprisingly, there are some benefits to this fast-paced kind of dating. One of which is meeting all kinds of people on a face-to-face level. In this digital era where face-to-face meet-ups are overshadowed by online dates and chats, speed dating is one great way to meet someone personally.

Another benefit of speed dating is that we can get right down to business. Given the limited amount of time, we get right down to business in asking the questions that matter most to us.

But everything still boils down the one question about this kind of dating. Can we really meet the right person in a matter of minutes? Well, who knows. After all, love comes from unexpected places. So we will never really know if this thing called speed dating is one unexpected place to find love until we try it out.


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