dating-clingy-womanShe maybe hot and exciting but one date with her doesn’t really mean she’s the one for you. Sure you could go ahead and ask her out again. Why not? You two had a great time, after all. But after a couple of dates you may want to see start checking out some signs. You’ll never know but you might just be dating a clingy girl.

Is She Always Around?

After just a couple of dates with her, is she sending you text messages every single minute? Is she always calling you just to say hi? Even worse, are you “accidentally” bumping into her?

It may seem kind of cute at the start. It might even flatter you at some point. Imagine, you have this hot chick seeking your attention. That pretty much puts you in a position where you don’t have to do anything because she’s the one busy doing everything else. Deep inside, you know that you can easily hook up with her since it takes very little effort to get her.

Unfortunately, these are warning signs that she could be the clingy type. She may always be seeking your attention. But it won’t be long when she starts to DESPERATELY seek you attention. She calls you ten times a day (at the least). She shows up in your doorstep unannounced and even worse, she shows up in your workplace. The question is, how long can you actually keep up with this girl?

Is She Monitoring Your Social Media Activities?

So after a couple of dates, you add her to your list of friends in your social network accounts. That sounds pretty cute at the start. She starts to comment on your posts, liking every single photo or video you have just posted She becomes your number one fan and it’s blatantly obvious to everybody on our friend’s list.

But that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that you have to endlessly explain to her who your other women friends are. Now, that can get pretty tiring. Can you deal with this? If you can’t, you can consider deactivating your social media account or just simply dropping her instead. It’s really up to you.

Is She Suddenly Talking About Having Kids?

Now this is more than just a warning sign. If she is suddenly talking about having your kids then it’s time to walk out that door. A girl you’ve only been dating for a couple of times is pretty crazy to even think of having your baby right away. That’s a clear sign of being nuts and yes, clingy!

Is She Talking About Marriage?

A couple of wonderful dates cannot lead to marriage. For a girl to think so can only mean she has some loose screws in her head. Why would a girl want to spend her whole life with you after just a couple of dates? Is she that bored with her own life that she needs to get into your life? Think about it. Do you want to wake up ever single morning with this damsel in distress?

Is She Always Asking Questions You Can’t Answer?

Here are the silliest questions women ask. “Do you think I’m fat?” “What are we going to do today?” “Do you think this dress looks good on me?” “Do you like this dress? “Do I look too fat in this dress?” “How do feel about me?”

But the silliest question of them all is, “Do you love me?” After just a couple of dates, she expects you to love her. Now how deranged is that? If this hot date of yours is always looking for some kind of reinforcement, then maybe she needs a pet dog instead. Only a pet dog can give her all the attention and loyalty she needs.

Keep your eyes open for these signs. Be honest with yourself. Can you really handle this kind of girl? You wouldn’t want her clinging to you 24 hours a day, would you?


how-to-attract-women-dateWhat’s a guy to do if he can’t find the nerve to go up to a girl? Should he sulk in a corner and hope for a miracle or get up and do something about it? Well, I would do something about it but I’m not paying a thousand dollars for it.

Yes, there are guys that are willing to pay over a thousand dollars to undergo private tutoring with a dating expert. I thought that was crazy. But don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I don’t need any help. As a matter of fact, I need all the help I can get. But I don’t think I can afford to pay over a thousand dollars for a one-on-one tutoring session with a dating expert.

Private Tutelage With A Dating Expert

An article by David Ingber, describes a three-hour private tutelage with a dating expert. It starts off with “warm ups.” This is the part where the dating coach takes his student to a public place. During the “warm ups” the student is supposed to interact with female strangers.

After the “warm ups,” the dating coach and his student do the “Escalation Drills.” In the “Escalation Drills,” the student is supposed to be more assertive in going up to a girl. The interaction in this phase is more than just “hello” and “hi.” The student is expected to flirt in this stage. The end result here is a phone number.

One of the exercises on the “Escalation Drills” cracked me up. The exercise entailed the student to go up to a woman and compliment her scarf even if she wasn’t wearing one. The result there was astounding because the woman ended up talking to the student. The particular exercise brought in a shock factor that got the attention of the woman. All of a sudden, there was something to talk about.

Is It For Me?

This particular private tutelage with a dating expert is really too costly for me. While it may seem to work, it’s just too much. Spending over a thousand dollars is way too much for me. I would have to look for other options.

What Are My Options?

There are a lot of options out there for me but I’m keen on this ebook called The Tao Of Badass. First of all, it’s a lot cheaper than a thousand dollars. Anyone can download this ebook at a very affordable price. As a matter of fact, there are discount codes for this particular ebook. There’s no doubt that this ebook is a lot better than the three-hour private tutelage with a dating expert. For me, The Tao Of Badass is a better investment.

Second of all, The Tao Of Badass consists of tricks and tips that have been tried and tested by the author, Joshua Pellicer. Now Joshua Pellicer isn’t like those self-proclaimed dating gurus. This guy knows his stuff and that’s why he is not afraid to show himself on videos and television shows. This guy is for real. In his radio show, he has helped hundreds of dudes get dates. He is also a certified public speaker. I would say that his ebook is a much better option for me.

Although I need all the help that I can get, I don’t think I need to go to the extreme to find it. I’m better off with a dating resource that’s affordable and credible.


tao-of-badass-dating-tipsLet’s face it, there are times when you’re stuck in a lousy date. A midst the excitement hours before the date, there are times when it just doesn’t work out. No matter how well-planned the evening is, things happen and in a split of a second, everything that could have been magically possible is down the drain. Now, that hurts.

There is an endless list of dating tips available for everybody out there. You’re probably confused as to which one to use. That said, you may want to look into how the tao of badass dating tips ebook can teach you simple but effective tricks in making the evening more exciting.

One of the reasons why some dates turn out into a nightmare is because of complacency. Attraction alone cannot sustain the excitement of the evening and that’s pretty much what The Tao Of Badass has to say about it. That said, the site which reviews Tao Of Badass,, gives some doable tricks in keeping the evening exciting.

  • Be Cool About The Past. If, at some point, the conversation leads to the subject of “EXs”, just stay cool about it. Say something nice about the past but don’t stay on that particular topic for a long time. No one wants to hear about the past. Be cool about it and move on to another topic.
  • Set The Connection With Eye-To-Eye Contact. Nothing beats eye-to-eye contact. It’s the best way to convey respect, trust, and sincerity. Maintaining eye-to-eye contact reflects solid self confidence. It’s really the best way to say that the evening is amazing.
  • Share Some Friendly Touches. Be generous with some friendly touches but don’t go overboard with it. A handshake is good, a tap on the shoulder is also considered a friendly touch. Again, sharing some friendly touches reflects solid self confidence.
  • Just Be Confident. This is probably the most important trick in the book. This is one sure ways to keep the evening awesome and exciting. Don’t let a tinge of doubt ruin the evening. Just think positive and the date will go on smoothly.
  • Go Beyond Words. Turn the date into one awesome evening by being sensitive. This means having to go beyond words. It’s not enough to listen to the words. The gist of the message is always in the body language.

It helps to know a lot about body language. It’s a good gauge to decipher if the evening is going well. Understanding body language can help sustain the thrill of the night.

So take note of the lips, eyes, arms, and even feet. The way these parts of the body are used to communicate a message NOT meant to be said, can make a or break the date. So go beyond the words and keep on listening to the unspoken words to make the date more exciting.

All these important tips have to be practiced according to joshua pellicer the tao of badass for dating author. Hence, creating that awesome experience on a date is not an overnight thing. It takes practice to get it right but it’s worth it. After all, no one can ever forget an awesome date.